IT's time to

Level up!

Welcome to Coach K – accelerating personal transformation, specialising in bridging the gap between mental & physical health. Transforming your “before” to the “after” version
I will make you fall in love with yourself!
My coaching style is empathetic yet no nonsense, powerful, directive, motivating and inspirational designed to transform your goals, so that you can level up in life with confidence and courage.

About Me

I coach my clients mindset transformation techniques that guarantee a life upgrade lets face it creating a beautiful body looks great on us, but creating a beautiful mindset is the ultimate power and beauty from within.
If things are easy all the time we simply don’t learn or after grow the purpose of life is to continually grow to live life to its full potential – this is what I coach my clients in my level up programmes.

Great Coach

With the help of Coach K I lost 25KG under a year through her fitness reset programme. She transformed my body which led to improving my confidence levels. She introduced healthier food options and a balanced eating plan to fuel my fitness journey and the steps i need to achieve my goals. Thank you so much Coach K



Coach K helped me to focus my mindset with complete consistency and ongoing commitment I achieved my goals. I couldn’t have asked for a better journey and it’s all down to her skills and belief in me, that I now feel empowered to lead my life with confidence. Thank you so much Coach K