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Welcome to Coach K – accelerating personal transformation, specialising in bridging the gap between mental & physical health. Transforming your “before” to the “after” version
I will make you fall in love with yourself!
My coaching style is empathetic yet no nonsense, powerful, directive, motivating and inspirational designed to transform your goals, so that you can level up in life with confidence and courage.


Coach Khan

I coach my clients mindset transformation techniques that guarantee a life upgrade, lets face it creating a beautiful body looks great on us, but creating a beautiful mindset is the ultimate power and beauty from within.
If things are easy all the time we simply don’t learn or  grow, the purpose of life is to continually grow to live life to its full potential – this is what I coach my clients in my level up programs

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MY programs

Focus the mind. Change the narrative. Reframe and repurpose to drive your desired outcome.     

Fuel the body. Accelerate brain power. Increase energy levels. Feel good, look good and do good

Fitness level up. Personalise the journey. Tune into every muscle group. Break it down. Reset. Train like a champ. Reduce body fat.

Professional Upgrade

My programs are a perfect fit if you self doubt, live in fear, paranoid, risk averse and not getting what you want in your career



  •  In a dead end 9-5?
  • When Monday comes you’re already waiting for the weekend to arrive?
  • Not getting noticed at work?
  • Want a job promotion but doubting your abilities?


  • Clear direction on career path
  • Defined action plan to drive career goals 
  • CV upgrade
  • Professional network upgrade

Self Worth

Endless socialising and drinking may keep your social diary busy but what about the morning afters? The feeling of emptiness and loneliness? Incapable of good decision making, eating unhealthy foods, it’s a vicious circle with damaging consequences – take charge by signing upto my transformational coaching program.


  • No or little Self Worth / little or no self control
  • Saying YES to everything
  • Suffer from FOMO
  • Self sabotage
  • Reactive to others


  • In Control of your life
  • Change the narrative
  • Being good to yourself
  • Find your self worth
  • Self belief
  • Self love
  • Life purpose defined and aligned
  • On a clear path to accelerating in life

Defining Your Purpose


  • Walking through life with fear and anxiety
  • Consumed with uncertainty
  • Overthinking and not enough doing
  • Paranoid
  • Insecure
  • Care what others think
  • Living in the past
  • Self sabotage


  • Anxiety elimination
  • Levelled with the past / resolve trauma
  • Driving life with total certainty
  • Honest and authentic self
  • Dominate your presence
  • Living your best life through realising your potential

Coaching Programmes

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Playing small is cancelled – its all about tuning into your authentic self to play your best version in life. 

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